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WordPress 2.5

This blog has been updated to the latest WordPress release– version 2.5. Hosting-Q offers those users with custom templates and plugins, specialized assistance with new releases of blogging application software, insuring old plugins and custom features are not lost when upgrading.

Blogging platform support– includes:

  • Blogger
  • MovableType
  • WordPress

Support is not limited to these platforms, however we do have extensive experience with these applications.

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QiSoftware now hosts with Hosting-Q…

I am happy to announce — QiSoftware, Hosting-Q’s parent organization now hosts with Hosting-Q.

I was a bit concerned about putting all of my eggs in one basket– and honestly loved my prior hosting company– JavaServletHosting. It came down to issues of economics and a lot of latitude with where I could take the QiSoftware site.

Service has been great– though I am a little biased. Join us.

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Dynamic Business Pages

One of the main reasons I wanted to start a web hosting venture was to get business owners online and blogging about their businesses. Blogs are great promotional tools.

Awhile back, I developed a template [Dynamic Business Pages] for the WordPress blogging platform that allows a lot of flexibility without requiring users know a lot of HTML or CSS. An example of the template is found here [illustration below].

The template can be customized with any header/footer combination or color scheme and allows users to customize the sidebar. The template is designed to work with WordPress 2.+. Hosting-Q always installs the latest version of WordPress– so our installations are always compatible.

There is an extra fee for customization, installation and use of this template, however I think you will be impressed with its ease and flexibility and it comes with a guarantee against malfunction– for as long as you are serviced by Hosting-Q.

You do not have to be hosted with Hosting-Q to use the template. The fee is dependent on how much customization you require for your installation. Contact Sales for more information.

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Free Business Directory Listing For New Business Clients

Hosting-Q offers a free business directory listing to each new business client. The business directory currently boasts a pagerank of 4.

Current categories include:

Business Directory
Business & Financial
Health Services
Homes & Services
Dining & Travel
Shops & Services
Entertainment & Media
Site Submission

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Free WordPress Blog

Each hosting plan comes with a free WordPress blog. Hosting-Q will set up the database and application free of charge– by request.

WordPress has been adopted by many as the platform of choice by both business and personal users. Even the New York Times uses WordPress blogs.

For as little as $7.95 a month we can integrate a business blog on your business site.

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More Evidence– Blogging Assists Business Promotion

I installed a live site on this domain [Hosting-Q.com] around June 21, 2006. Periodic checking of Alexa stats– indicated no measurable data until today.

I installed this blog– 3 days ago on July 5, 2006. More evidence that installing a blog is a great asset for business promotion.

Note: no one owned this domain [Hosting-Q.com] before I registered the name, so the 3 month statistic is a bit misleading.

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Business Directory

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Hosting-Q Partners

Hosting-Q collaborates and partners with several organizations, including: TemplateMonster. Hosting-Q is a service of QiSoftware.
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PowerTwo JSP Support

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PowerFour-- JSP Support Plus

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