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All Hosting-Q accounts come with the spam utility SpamAssassin. To activate– click on the Mail icon on the cPanel main menu. Select SpamAssassin from the menu on the page that is provided. Click Enable SpamAssassin to activate the tool.

There is a learning period. When email arrives that the utility tags as spam– it will provide a copy to you. If you do nothing– the utility will remember that it was spam and delete any other emails of this nature before it is delivered.

To keep emails tagged as spam by SpamAssassin, click Enable Spam Box. On my accounts I do not activate this option. I allow SpamAssassin to delete emails tagged as spam before it is delivered.

This tool is invaluable to me.

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Another Domain Name Registrar– NameCheap

Hosting-Q does not offer domain registration services as previously discussed, however we do recommend several registrars– including NameCheap. As with any service, read the fine print– however with NameCheap, the home page large print should make it a comfortable choice.

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IP Deny Usage

What is IP Deny and why would I need to use it? IP Deny allows you to specify one IP address or a range of addresses– in order to deny them access to your domain.

You would use this tool when you are under siege by a malicious bot or some other user expending resources [bandwidth] at an unusually high rate. If you notice a high amount of traffic on your site– yet you are not seeing users– then it may be an out of control bot. Check your error or visitor logs. Both files record IP addresses for each hit they log.

Major search engine bots generate a lot of hits to blogs and forums in order to index posts. Ensure that you are not denying access to these types of bots, because it can affect results returned by search engines for your site.

How do I access this tool? The icon [illustrated] and accompanying text “IP Deny Manager” are located on the main cPanel page. Simply click on the icon and follow the instructions on the resulting page.

Range specification is accomplished by using as much or as little of the IP address as needed. Example xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is a specific IP address amd xxx.xxx.xxx is a range. A specific IP address has at least three dots [periods or decimal indicators], while a range has less than three. A valid range is 205. If 205 were used– all IP addresses starting with 205 would be denied access to your site.

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Who Owns Your Domain?

Interesting article from ZolMedia about domain names– Who “Really” owns your domain?

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Do You Offer Windows Hosting?

No Hosting-Q does not offer Windows hosting. This is a great question. Most people feel comfortable with the concept of a Windows hosting platform because that is what they have on their own systems.

And I agree– Windows is great. I do most of my software development work on a Windows platform. That said– some of the most popular Internet tools– WordPress, phpBB Forums and others– require the MySQL/PHP combination on the hosting platform [server] and these resources are only found on Linux/Unix/Mac OS X type servers.

Most users will not need to concern themselves with the fact that their site is running on a Linux/Unix platform. FTP access from your local computer is the same no matter which web hosting platform you are using.

This article published on the Hosting-Q Blog and Q’s Wire

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Full Site Backup

Cpanel is offered with all Hosting-Q plans– and allows easy generation of full site backups. To generate a full site backup follow these steps:

  1. Sign into you web hosting account accessing the main Cpanel menu. Click on the Backup icon offered on the main menu.

  2. On the next screen several options are presented– click on “Generate/Download a Full Backup”.

  3. Specify where you want the backup copy of your site to be placed [default-- home directory] and the email address to use for notification. Then click the Generate Backup button.

After generating the backup– ftp or copy the file to your computer or CD for storage. Hosting-Q generates backups for users by request. There is an additional charge for this service.

These backups include– the schemas and data for all of your databases as well as all directory structures and files located on your site.

P.S. Do not forget to delete the backup file once you have downloaded it for local storage.

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