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QiSoftware now hosts with Hosting-Q…

I am happy to announce — QiSoftware, Hosting-Q’s parent organization now hosts with Hosting-Q.

I was a bit concerned about putting all of my eggs in one basket– and honestly loved my prior hosting company– JavaServletHosting. It came down to issues of economics and a lot of latitude with where I could take the QiSoftware site.

Service has been great– though I am a little biased. Join us.

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Another Domain Name Registrar– NameCheap

Hosting-Q does not offer domain registration services as previously discussed, however we do recommend several registrars– including NameCheap. As with any service, read the fine print– however with NameCheap, the home page large print should make it a comfortable choice.

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Who Owns Your Domain?

Interesting article from ZolMedia about domain names– Who “Really” owns your domain?

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Selecting the Right Web Host

Entrepreneur Magazine offers some great advice on how to pick the right web hosting service.

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Business Directory

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Hosting-Q Partners

Hosting-Q collaborates and partners with several organizations, including: TemplateMonster. Hosting-Q is a service of QiSoftware.
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  • Blogging
  • Image Hosting
  • Free Setup
  • Forum
  • Pop eMail
  • $140.00/yr
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cPanel & Fantastico included-- learn more...

PowerTwo JSP Support

  • PowerOne+
  • JSP Support
  • Sub-domains
  • FTP
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • $200.00/yr
Add ASP SupportYesNo
cPanel & Fantastico included-- learn more...

PowerThree-- Plus

  • Site
  • Blogs
  • Site Insurance
  • Forums
  • eCommerce
  • $300.00/yr
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cPanel & Fantastico included-- learn more...

PowerFour-- JSP Support Plus

  • SmallBusiness
  • JSP Support
  • Sub-Domains
  • FTP, eMail
  • Site Insurance
  • $360.00/yr
Add ASP SupportYesNo
cPanel & Fantastico included -- learn more...
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