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WordPress Issues & Fixes

I received notification yesterday, via a new web hosting cpanel feature, Softaculous that the two WordPress blogs I maintain on this site– had software upgrades available, Version 3.3.

This blog and the WordPress support blog– which I maintain for tests- were mentioned in the email. When I ran the script to update the support blog, the following error was provided when I tried to visit the site:

Since I could not update the PHP version running on my host– I had to get the last backup for Hosting-Q.com and reinstall the directory where I maintain the blog and the database.

Lessons learned– ensure versions of PHP and MySQL running on your server are compatible with software you either wish to install or upgrade. Also make sure to get a backup of your current software installation in case you run into a similar problem.

The other WordPress note I want to mention? WordPress periodically saves revisions of your blog posts. This causes entries to be inserted into the database that are updates of the original post. To have the software update the original post without inserting a new record in the database; insert the following into the wp-config.php file anywhere between the <? and ?> tags:


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New Contact Number

Hosting-Q and QiSoftware have a new contact number– 443.393.6650. Feel free to call day or night. Leave a message if no one is available. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hosting-Q’s parent organization is QiSoftware– see licensing information here.

The new contact number is being updated in an incremental manner– and you can still reach Hosting-Q at the old number.

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Current Clients…

At present Hosting-Q has no clients– so we are able to provide our undivided attention. The real reason I want to mention this now? In case there is a question of fraud as related to the service– I want another reason the FBI could be called in. If you believe you have a hosting account with Hosting-Q– demand a refund and contact the FBI– this would be fraud.

Here are some of the incentives to use us if you need hosting:

If you have an account– why are you not listed in ProfessionalProfiles or the WiredPages Business Directory. If you signed up for JSP hosting did you get your free Blogger Calendar?

Basic plans start at $140.00 a year and are packed with lots of extras. See pricing guidelines for more information.

If you feel you have a hosting account with Hosting-Q and are not getting the attention you require– contact the FBI.

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WordPress 2.5

This blog has been updated to the latest WordPress release– version 2.5. Hosting-Q offers those users with custom templates and plugins, specialized assistance with new releases of blogging application software, insuring old plugins and custom features are not lost when upgrading.

Blogging platform support– includes:

  • Blogger
  • MovableType
  • WordPress

Support is not limited to these platforms, however we do have extensive experience with these applications.

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Hosting-Q Offers Fantastico Auto Installs

This evening, I upgraded this blog’s WordPress application to the latest stable version with a couple of clicks. Hosting-Q offers Cpanel and Fantastico to all web hosting clients. Two great reasons to host with us. See all of the features we offer– Hosting Plans.

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TemplateMonster Interface

Added an interface to allow users the ability to select pre-fabricated templates for use with their sites. Even if you are not a client– go ahead and peruse the offerings to see if there is anything you like.

Do not forget to check out the free clipart.

Hosting-Q also offers Jamoola and Drupal content management systems [cms] support free to enable clients the ability to build their own templates. Of course there are also hundreds of free templates you can use with these platforms.

The template interface Hosting-Q is providing is powered by TemplateMonster.

I have checked the interface on different platforms with different browsers. Let me know if I overlooked problem areas.

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Business Directory

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Hosting-Q Partners

Hosting-Q collaborates and partners with several organizations, including: TemplateMonster. Hosting-Q is a service of QiSoftware.
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  • Blogging
  • Image Hosting
  • Free Setup
  • Forum
  • Pop eMail
  • $140.00/yr
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cPanel & Fantastico included-- learn more...

PowerTwo JSP Support

  • PowerOne+
  • JSP Support
  • Sub-domains
  • FTP
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • $200.00/yr
Add ASP SupportYesNo
cPanel & Fantastico included-- learn more...

PowerThree-- Plus

  • Site
  • Blogs
  • Site Insurance
  • Forums
  • eCommerce
  • $300.00/yr
Add ASP SupportYesNo
cPanel & Fantastico included-- learn more...

PowerFour-- JSP Support Plus

  • SmallBusiness
  • JSP Support
  • Sub-Domains
  • FTP, eMail
  • Site Insurance
  • $360.00/yr
Add ASP SupportYesNo
cPanel & Fantastico included -- learn more...
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